Poor score for Norwegian GPs in international survey

DoctorDoctor. Photo: pixabay.com

Norwegian patients have worse experiences with their regular GP than patients for ten other western countries, according to a survey.

The foundation “The Commonwealth Fund” is running the investigation and in Norway Public Health (FHI) is gathering that information.

– Based on previous report made by “Commonwealth Fund surveys”, we know that less than ten percent of GPs in Norway carries out systematic user experience research.

This should be discussed in connection to the relatively poor results, says senior Kjersti Eeg Skudal to FHI.

GPs in Norway scored worse than their colleagues in other countries when users are prompted doctor took enough time and involved himself as much as the patient wanted in decisions about treatment.

The Norwegian patients also think that doctors are less good at explaining things.
There is also a lower proportion of patients receiving an appointment on the day the ask for visiting GP in Norway than the average days for the ten other countries.

The survey shows that Norwegians mostly found in good health condition based on the input from the Norwegian health, but Norway also scores worse than the average for the other countries in terms of waiting time to visit specialist.

Most of Norwegians say they have dropped for dental treatment because of the cost.

One in five Norwegians answer yes to this question
Norstat conducted telephone interviews in the Norwegian part of the study.

The other participating countries are Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and USA.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today