Poorly prepared drivers may be refused entry in single lane traffic

Snow, summer tiresSnow: Photo:Pixabay

If you or your car are poorly shod or not adequately equipped for the winter mountain conditions, you risk being held back if there is single lane driving.


When the mountain passes are only kept open for single lane travel, it is usually during stormy weather and driving conditions. Therefore, demands are made of those who need to be involved wrote Motor journal.

“When there is a lot of traffic over the mountain and there is single lane driving, the waiting time can be several hours to get over. Then you may want to postpone the trip or choose another route” said Birte Roverudseter of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

How many people can be included in each column is limited, based on how many people can be rescued if the column gets stuck. Thus, the waiting time can be long – and very cold.

The road crew therefore have the opportunity to stop motorists who are not well prepared. Poor tires and technical deficiencies could be a reason to be rejected, but also a lack of warm clothing and boots for those in the car.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today