The Pope pleads psychiatric help to young gays

Pope FrancisPope Francis (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia, Pool)

The Pope pleads for psychiatric help to young gays

Pope Francis believes parents of children who show signs of being gay should consider seeking psychiatric help.


On the plane home to Rome after a visit to Ireland, the pope was asked questions from a journalist about what advice he would give to parents with children who show signs of being gay.

“First of all, I want to say that they must pray, but not condemn. They must enter into dialogue, they must understand and they must give the son or daughter room,” he said.

“Parents must also take the children’s age into account,” continued the pope.

“When it appears from childhood, much can be done through psychiatry so that one can see how it is. It is something completely different if it appears after 20 years,” Pope Frans said.

He emphasizes that parents’ answers should not be silent.

“It would be wrong for a father or mother to overlook a son or daughter with gay tendencies,” said the pope.


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