Pope warns against populism

Pope FrancisPope Francis. (Max Rossi/Pool Photo via AP)

Pope Francis warns against populism and say it could lead to “saviors” such as Hitler, according to the Spanish newspaper El País. Meanwhile, he says he will not judge Trump until he sees what he does.

– Hitler did not take power, he was elected by the people and later he destroyed them, said the Pope when he was asked about the populist style of political leaders in the US and Europe.

He regrets that people during emergencies “are looking for a savior that gives us our identity back, and we defend ourselves with walls and barbed wire fences against other people, he said in the interview on Friday, the same day as the inauguration ceremony for Donald Trump.

Pope Francis says he does not like to judge people early.
– We’ll see what Trump does, he said to El País.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today