Possible full storm in several places

Full Storm alerts Rough WeatherStormy weather on the coast. Photo: pixabay.com

The Meteorological Institute alerts of possible full storm in several places

A low pressure on the way to Norway causes the Meteorological Institute to increase monitoring for some areas. The low pressure can provide short-term strong winds up to full storm on Sunday and Monday.


The areas in question are Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Helgeland, Saltfjellet and Salten.

The reason is a low pressure currently located northwest of the United Kingdom, which quickly moves towards Norway. The low pressure has the potential to grow to a storm center.

– We have sent a notice because there is an uncertainty about this. The low pressure comes quickly, and it can cause short-lived very strong winds. We want people to be aware of this, says meteorologist Anne Solveig Andersen to NTB.

Andersen says the strongest wind arrives first in the south, and at Stad it will probably be between full and strong storm. Then the wind moves north before it turns west and diminishes.

In Møre og Romsdal, Sunday evening can rise to southwest full storm, with a wind speed of about 35 meters per second. Even in Trøndelag there may be a full storm, which gradually decreases to a full gale. Also there the wind speed can reach around 35 meters per second.

The same is true of Helgeland, Saltfjellet and Salten, where it early Monday morning can increase to southern full storm.

Although it seems that the powerful wind is going to be short-lived, Andersen comes with some advice to residents in the relevant areas.

– I would not have had a trampoline that is not moored left outside, she says.The low pressure now approaching Norway is not the same as the tropical hurricane, which has been named Ophelia. Ophelia, according to Andersen, will forr the most part hit the UK.



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