Post robot up and running

postrobot rollsPhoto: Posten Norge

Norway post starts to test its self-driving mailbox at Kongsberg on Friday.


The combined letter and package bus will be tested in densely populated areas for a few weeks before it completes its first postal deliveries in a residential area in Kongsberg.

“It is the customer’s feedback that ultimately determines whether this will be a success and if this is one of the future delivery channels.

Norwegian winters give self-propelled vehicles challenges and therefore this test is important to us.We believe in a self-driving future and are excited to see the results from the test” said Tone Wille, CEO of ‘Posten Norge’.

The robot must go from Posten’s distribution point in the center of Kongsberg to a specific place in a housing company. There it will be available to customers from around 12.00 noon to midnight.

Then it returns to the distribution point and will be filled with next day’s shipments. You will be notified digitally if there is mail for you and you will get a code to open the hatch.

“This is not science fiction. We use today’s technology to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the future” said Wille.

She gave a speech during the Technology Summit Kongsberg on Friday, the theme of which was automation and sustainability.

“It is inspiring that other Norwegians work on self-propelled technology. We believe that if it works in Norway, it works most other places as well.The potential is enormous, although it is challenging to be out early with new technology said Wille.

The world’s first self-driving letter and packet robot was developed by Posten, with Buddy Mobility as technology partner.


Source: Posten Norge  / Norway Today