Posten warns against Yule swindle

Posten mailNorwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge): Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Posten warns against Yule swindle

In the middle of the Christmas preparations, an SMS appears from the Norwegian Postal Service stating that the Christmas gift has been stopped. «Delete the message» is the clear reply from Posten Norge.


Eirik Harberg was not particularly surprised when an SMS ticked in stating that there is a parcel waiting for him in the middle of his Christmas preparations.

– I received an SMS, which apparently came from Posten’s telephone number, saying that they had attempted to deliver a parcel to me – but that it lacked sufficient postage. a link, which took me to a website that is the spitting image of Posten’s, was included.

Harberg himself says that he is alert to scams, but that he was close to being fooled this time. When you enter the linked website, which is virtually a mirror image of, the package number is pre-filled.

If you click on the link to “track” the package, you come to a new page where you are asked to pay NOK five in outstanding postage to get the package delivered.

– I’m waiting for several parcels at Christmas. And it is understandable if a sender caught up in the Christmas stress had forgotten to pay full postage before the parcel was submitted to the mailman, he tells Dagbladet.

It was only when he discovered what the URL was that he became absolutely certain that it was a scam. didn’t ring a bell.

Delete the SMS

Posten Norge is familiar with the text messages that have been sent out and reacts strongly to what they describe as a cynical scam.

– We have also seen in the past that tens of thousands, not to say millions, of emails, were sent out where our brand is being exploited by bandits and thugs. We see it especially now at Christmas, where there is an incredible number of parcels sent across the country, that many take advantage of the opportunity to commit fraud,  Press Officer in Posten Norge, John Eckhoff, informs.

He emphasizes that Posten knows the address of people who live in Norway, and that one is not asked to provide payment information in this manner.

– Delete the SMS, we know your address. We recommend everyone to download Posten’s tracking app. There you get all the information you need, and you can also be absolutely sure that the information you find comes from us, he continues.

In addition, he asks people to be careful and check the URL.

– The only websites we operate are, and he says.


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