The power outages in Agder

Power Outages Agder snowPower Outages, Agder. Photo: Agder Energi

The power outages in Agder

The weather conditions may cause new power outages due to trees covered in snow that fall onto the grid.


Agder Energi Nett has had technicians on all known faults in the grid during the night. Wednesday morning there were 62 customers still without power.

According to the weather forecast, there will be increasing winds in southern Norway throughout the day. There are reports of cold on the coast and strong breeze inland. Additionally, the mild weather causes trees that are buried by snow to create problems. When the snow melts, these trees will straighten up and, if they come into contact with the grid, this may lead to new power outages.

According to plan, the grid will be surveyed by helicopter Wednesday, but that depends on weather conditions. The technicians also use drones to find out where trees are causing power outages.

SMS To affected customers

In connection with the repairs, it may be necessary to shut down the power on the grid in some places, so that the work can be performed. SMS’es will be sent to the customers that will be disconnected before the power is cut. Customers may also experience blinking lights associated with the repair work.

It is important to keep a distance if one find lines that have fallen down to the ground, low-hanging lines and trees that have fallen onto the grid – touching can be hazardous to life. Notify about such situations to the customer center on telephone + 47 38 60 72 72.

See the affected Areas here

Avalanche blocks County Road 152 in Balestrand

There has been an avalanche between Menes and Ulvestad on county road 152 in Balestrand municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. The road will not be opened until Thursday morning at the earliest.

– We do not quite know how big the avalanche is yet, but an entrepreneur are on the way to clean up, says Marianne Hove at the Road Traffic Center in Bergen to NRK.

The road is temporarily closed and can not be reopened until Thursday morning.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has issued a notice of significant danger of avalanches in Indre Fjordane, Jotunheimen, Inner Sogn, Voss, Hallingdal, Hardanger and Western Telemark. The warnings apply to Wednesday and Thursday.

In Inner parts of Fjordane, Voss and Hardanger, medium or large avalanches can occur, reports NVE.

Latest: 2,000 Eidsiva customers are also without electricity in Buskerud and Oppland.


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