Theory test for driver’s license translated to Arabic

Practice test for driver's license translated to Arabic fake driver's license driving licenses Driver's license .Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Immigrants in Norway  may  now take the theory test for class B driving license in Arabic. From May  onwards, the test may also be taken in Turkish and Kurdish, the Directorate of Roads says.
– We have so many graduates from other countries that we want to offer practice test in multiple languages,  Karsten Nikolaisen of the Directorate of Roads says.
The theory test has been offered in English since 2000.
– The theory test is meant to review whether the candidate has sufficient expertise to be allowed to get a  driver’s license and is required for this, along with a practical driving test. When we can offer the test papers in several languages, this ​​will make it easier for candidates to show their competence, and they save the costs of  an interpreter. Meanwhile, we avoid spending any of the censors’ precious time in facilitating the tasks and questions in the tests for people of foreign origin with less ability to read Norwegian,  Nikolaisen says.
Every year there are about 200,000 people who take the theory tests. The number of tests that are interpreted  are around 800 a year, but the whole question base has now been translated
– We have now translated the entire base and renewed some questions. We have also made sure there are several questions about driving in tunnels, at the request of the EU, said Nikolaisen.
From May 1 the theory test for Class B vehicles and Class S vehicles, snowmobiles, will also be made available in Sami.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today