Pre-voting headed towards a new record

Parliamentary elections in NorwayParliamentary elections in Norway.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Up until Wednesday, 773.507 people have pre-voted for the elections on Monday, leading to a new record of pre-voters.
The amount of 773.507 is one fifth of those entitles to vote and only 81.748 less than the number of total votes during last election in 2013.  Today, up till 92.46 people voted; the highest number so far in the pre-voting period.

The deadline to pre-vote for the elections is this Friday.  If the ongoing trend of pre-voters continues, the record of last times election, with 855.255 pre-voters, will be exceeded.

Oslo Kommune reminds those entitled to vote with a registered address outside of Oslo, to pre-vote at one of the 28 locations in the city. If not, they have to vote in the municipality they belong to on Monday.

So far, the capital city has received 130.171 pre-votes, including 22.004 votes from people who reside in a municipality other than Oslo.

The pre-votes will be send to the municipality continuously, meaning that most votes will arrive by Monday. However, pre-votes handed in on Friday might not arrive before Tuesday, and will be counted then.

In total, 3,756,400 people have the right to vote, 112,000 more than four years ago. 40 percent of the increase is electorate with immigrant background. The number of first-time voters this year is the same as four years ago, 248,500 people.

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