Pregnant advised not to travel to Miami because of Zika fare

Tourists visit the Wynwood Walls, a popular outdoor graffiti exhibit that also falls in the approximately one-mile area where Florida Governor Rick Scott and state health officials announced one woman and three men contracted the Zika virus locally, in Miami, Florida July 29, 2016. REUTERS/Zachary Fagenson

Pregnant advised not to travel to Miami because of Zika virus.

Public Health advises pregnant women not to travel to the city of Miami in Florida because of the danger of Zika Virus.

Several cases of Zika in a district in Miami means that Folkehelseinstituttet (a public health organization in Norway) change their travel advisory for Florida.

Monday FDA also dissuaded travel while pregnant to the Wynwood neighborhood in the borough of Miami after fourteen people in total have been registered infected by Zika virus.

Concerned about the spread

Public Health in Norway discourages travel to the entire Miami area to be on the safe side, says chief physician at Folkehelseinstituttet Hans Blystad said.

– We think that it would be risky for Norwegian tourists to be in these  neighborhoods. Therefore, we have assessed that it is best to discourage travel throughout the Miami area.

Blystad informed that Folkehelseinstituttet is concerned about the situation on the American continent, saying that the situation there seems quite uncertain.

– Ten new people have been infected by zika virus since Friday, this says something about how fast it spreads, he said.

– Should take precautions

Pregnant women who have stayed in the Wynwood neighborhood after June 15th, should be followed up by the health services. after returning home, wrote Folkehelseinstituttet.

In addition he advises  all people who have stayed in Miami, to take precautions after returning.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today