Pregnant woman who was denied a job to receive 125,000 kroner in compensation

Hanne BjurstrømPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

A cosmetic nurse who was not allowed to start working after she revealed that she was pregnant has been awarded 125,000 kroner compensation.

The Discrimination Tribunal concluded that the private clinic in question did not comply with the law. 

The woman was hired before Christmas last year, but when she came to start her training and sign a contract in January, she stated that she was pregnant. 

After that, she was told that it was problematic for her to start working.

The woman has now been awarded a total of NOK 125,000 in compensation.


This is the first time that the Discrimination Tribunal has made a decision on redress in such a case following an amendment to the law last year. 

In its decision, the tribunal stated that the woman had been discriminated against because she was pregnant.

“The ban on differential treatment due to pregnancy and maternity leave in connection with employment is absolute, so there is no legal basis for such differential treatment,” chair of the board Anniken Mellegaard Douglass wrote in the decision.

Equality and discrimination ombudsman Hanne Bjurstrøm noted that it was important for such a case to be taken seriously.

“I would encourage anyone who is in doubt about whether they are discriminated against on the basis of pregnancy to contact us,” she said.

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