Pregnant women are now adviced to not travel to Thailand and the Philippines

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The Norwegian Institute of Public Health advises pregnant women to not travel to Thailand and the Philippines after the the increased number of reported cases of the Zika virus.

– The increase may be due to changes in monitoring Zika fever in these areas and increased testing activity, but may also reflect an increasing incidence of the Zika virus and thus increased risk of becoming infected, says Line Vold, Director at the NIPH.
Norwegian authorities have not previously advised pregnant women to not travel to countries in Asia, except Singapore.
Nor has it been necessary to put special precautions after returning home, but they now recommend pregnant women who recently have stayed in the Philippines and Thailand to take the Zika test by her doctor after returning home, regardless of whether they have symptoms of the Zika fever or not.
All travelers to Thailand and the Philippines are advised to wear clothing that covers the body, and are also recommended to use mosquito repellents.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today