Prepare your pets for New Year celebrations

New Years Eve Godt Nytt ÅrNorway Today wishes everybody "Godt Nytt Å!". Photo:

Many animals, especially dogs, are afraid of fireworks, but good preparation during Christmas can contribute to a cozy, pleasant and more enjoyable New Year celebration for your four-legged, best friend as well.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) recommends that efforts to give the dog a good start in the new year should begin a few days in advance.

‘Be sure to protect the animals from a hectic atmosphere; for example, in family company. Then you have a quieter, and less stressed dog on New Year’s Eve’, said Torunn Knævelsrud, head of the ‘Welfare Section’ at NFSA.

On New Year’s Eve, she recommends that you go for a long walk, and feed the dog a little late, since a full and tired dog falls to sleep, and rests more easily. One should not leave an anxious animal alone.

‘Be together, preferably in a room that is sheltered from the bright flashes and sounds of the fireworks’, said Knævelsrud. She emphasized that many animals also tend to run away when they are afraid.

‘The animals are at risk of being injured and they also trigger search operations, so be sure that neither dogs, nor cats can get out of the house when New Year’s evening comes’, said Knævelsrud.

She stressed that one of the most important things you, as an owner, can do is to help to normalize the situation for the animal, for example by playing with it, or by putting on the radio.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today