Preparedness in Norway has never been better

PreparednessMinister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Justice Minister Monica Maeland says that Norway as a nation has never had better preparedness, but believes it is too early to make an evaluation.

– “Many will now evaluate the Coronavirus epidemic. We shall do this thoroughly. But doing so in the midst of crisis management is neither right nor possible. It is assessed on the basis of the best knowledge that we have,” says Mæland to Vårt Land.

She states that our readiness as a nation “has never been better”.

– If it’s good enough, I’ll leave it to others to evaluate. But it must be assessed on the basis that we have strengthened all our resources in a number of areas, she tells the newspaper.

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2 Comments on "Preparedness in Norway has never been better"

  1. If Norwegians are being sent back to daycares/barnhager and schools and work without everyone facemasking, they clearly are NOT prepared by the government to survive the virus.

    If Norwegians do not have enough cleaned, fully supplied bomb and fallout shelters to go into – see the NRK video De Glemte Rommene for how bad they are – they clearly are NOT prepared by the government for the World War 3 (starting) in the North which seems to be intended by the West’s coup-, revolution-, and war-spreading “neoconservatives.”

    And no clock-stopping facial expression can stop those REALITIES.

    Norway’s government must RE-“assess” and change its ill-advised lockstep policies while there may still be time.

  2. you can fool some of the people some of the time,but you cant fool all of the people all of the time.

    If it was ever acknowledged that Covid 19 was other than a naturally occurring mutation..there would be global anarchy.
    Beware..resurgence !!

    Tanks bullets and armies etc are a bit ‘old hat’ the absurdity of the military tactics in the Crimean war

    When good people do nothing..evil prevails.

    ”clock stopping facial expression”..thats what happens every time an old geezer looks in the mirror—-”a face that sinks a thousand ships”—

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