Priest and trauma specialist to hijacked ship in Benin

BONITA.Photo:The J.J. Ugland Companies

A priest and a trauma specialist will go to the crew aboard the Norwegian-owned ship Bonita, which was hijacked off Benin this weekend.

“The trauma specialist has long experience from similar assignments,” the Ugland shipping company writes in an update.

It was on Saturday morning when pirates boarded the 189-meter cargo ship off the West African country of Benin and abducted nine people, including the captain of the ship. The nine are still in the hands of the pirates. All are from the Philippines.

“Bringing our nine crew to safety is our top priority. We work night and day with this,” the update states.

The Ugland shipping company is headquartered in Grimstad, and Bonita is also registered there.

The Gulf of Guinea, which extends from Cameroon to Liberia, has become one of the world’s most dangerous sea areas. Attacks on ships and abduction of seafarers to demand ransom have become more and more common, especially along the coast of Nigeria.

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