The Prime Minister: ‘Thank you for being yourselves’

Prime Minister Erna SolbergOslo.Prime Minister Erna Solberg is speaking to the Royal Couple during the feast of the Opera.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

You are common people with completely uncommon jobs, the Prime Minister described the King and Queen in her speech.

Fest dinner is the government’s gift to the royal couple on the occasion of their 80th anniversaries. Prime Minister Erna Solberg described how Norway has changed in the time since the King and Queen became a couple.



Salutation and politeness is another, and today it happens that many stumbles a bit in the correct form of address, the Prime Minister noted.The gender roles have also changed significantly, and the Royal Couple has helped in the transition, Solberg. went on. She described how many women have taken the plunge into the workplace.

– Even the role of the Crown Princess and Queen are changed. Where the Queen has been tough and paved the way, and thereby made life easier for those who follow in your footsteps, she said.

– You are, excuse me for saying so, ordinary people with completely unusual jobs. You have small and large concerns, big and small joys. You have children and grandchildren. You have each other. And you have us; 5,000,000 Norwegians who all feel that we own a small part of you, Solberg said.

– The King and Queen have followed Norway’s growth from a relatively poor country to one of the most prosperous in Europe. But in a world characterized by turmoil and conflicts, the royal couple represents an unprecedented continuity in society, she continued.

– Thank you for being yourselves. And thank you for what you mean to all of us, concluded Solberg, before she wished them happiness on their 80th anniversaries.

The menu – the Royal guests feasted on salmon and lamb

Crayfish from Freya and variations of salmon was on the menu when the Government invited to the royal banquet at the Opera.

For starters the guests were served langoustines from Freya, Norwegian salsa verde with grilled white asparagus and pickled melon.

The second course was a variety of salmon dishes; with cucumber, apple and avocado, sour cream and mayonnaise.

The main course at the banquet was sirloin of lamb in a red wine sauce, served with tangy summer cabbage and chive, cauliflower cream, pickled leeks.

For dessert, the menu featured licorice- and chocolate truffle, cherry clafoutis, apricot pannacotta and rhubarb compote.


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