In Singapore, Prime Minister Solberg will open the Norway–Asia Business Summit 2016. The summit will bring together Norwegian companies operating in various parts of Asia. Ms Solberg will also meet Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong for political talks.

‘As one of the world’s most highly developed economies, Singapore is an attractive market and a key trading partner for Norway,’ said Ms Solberg.

After Singapore, Ms Solberg will travel to South Korea, Norway’s second most important trading partner in Asia, and third most important export market outside the EU. Trade between Norway and South Korea is mainly in the areas of shipbuilding and offshore supplies, but in recent years Norway’s exports of seafood to South Korea have increased significantly.

‘South Korea has a leading position internationally in the areas of innovation, research and green technology, which makes it increasingly attractive as a cooperation partner,’ said Ms Solberg.

In Seoul, Ms Solberg will meet President Park Geun-hye. She will also visit the demilitarised zone between South Korea and North Korea. In addition, Ms Solberg will visit the city of Ulsan and the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard there, which delivers vessels to Norway, among other countries.

‘I am looking forward to meeting representatives of the Norwegian and Asian business sectors in Asia. Their input will be highly relevant for the Government’s work to promote sustainable economic development, restructuring, and increased trade and cooperation with other knowledge-based economies,’ said Ms Solberg.

Prime Minister Solberg will also use the visit as an opportunity to promote the UN sustainable development goals, and to discuss how Norway can work together with Singapore and South Korea to reach these goals. Ms Solberg is one of two co-chairs in the UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy Group.