Princess Astrid reaches 86 years old and still works

Princess AstridPrincess Märtha (L) and Princess Astrid.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

On Monday is King Harald’s big sister’s birthday. She has several official missions for the royal house every year, and follows up on a number of protection companies.


“I’m glad to be able to help, and say yes to the tasks I’m asked to do. It’s a great way to get started”, Princess Astrid said in an interview with ‘Look and Listen’ last year.

She was Norway’s royal family’s first-born by 14 years, and followed her father on trips at home and abroad. In 1960, she became engaged to Johan Martin Ferner, which created public debate since he was a divorced man. The two married in 1961, and the princess renounced her title, but stood up for the royal house when needed, in parallel to having five children in ten years.

Be honest

She is still involved in all state visits to Norway. As a thank you for the efforts she has made for the country, the government decided in 2002 to give the princess an honourary pension from the state, but she is still busy. To NRK news, she stated last year that it would be too boring to be retired.

When her mother, Crown Princess Märtha, died at 54 years old, Princess Astrid became the country’s premier at just 22 years old. She was advised to be herself in her deed, to be honest,something she judged she would follow. By her closest, she is described as stubborn, determined,loyal, hard-working, one who remembers well, and always stands up to be counted.


Her previous official mission was when the Duchess of Cambridge visited Norway almost two weeks ago. Princess Astrid came to the gala dinner at the castle on crutches.

“I’m cool, and then I have a lot of good moods. It helps very much. Yes, I’m cool. I have two fractures in my back. The damage didn’t stop me”, she said.

Despite honesty and openness, the Ferner family have lived a private life, and it is not publicised how the birthday will be celebrated this year. The princess is interested in sports and will possibly see some of the Norwegian efforts in the Winter Olympics.


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