The Royal House will talk to the princess about marketing

Princess Mârtha DurekThe Princess and the Shaman. Photo: Shaman Durek

The Royal House will talk to the princess about marketing

The Royal House is monitoring the public relations strategy of Princess Märtha Louise. “We want to enter into a dialogue with the princess about with the marketing of her business,” reports The Royal House of Norway.

“We keep up to date with the debate and what is pronounced,” the statement sent to NTB by Communications Manager, Guri Varpe, continues. The issue was first mentioned by NRK.

The debate has arisen in the wake of the tour that Princess Märtha Louise and her boyfriend Durek Verrett are to commence on these days. The newspaper Fædrelandsvennen has suggested that she should renounce the title Princess. The tour has been dubbed «The Princess and The Shaman».

The two announced that they were a pair on Sunday, just a week before their tour starts in Copenhagen.

The princess doesn’t wish to renounce her title

The couple made their first interview together on «Good Morning, Norway» (God Morgen Norge) on TV 2 on Thursday. The Norwegian Princess was then asked whether she was considering giving up the Princess title.

“That is not something I consider. I am part of the family and it will continue to be that way,” she replied.



No appanage

“The Norwegian Royal House wants a clear distance from Princess Märtha Louise’s commercial activities,” Varpe explains in an email to NTB:

“The reason why Princess Märtha Louise since 2002 is no longer to be titled Her Royal Highness; is to create a bigger distance to the Royal Family’s official activities. This decision facilitates the ability of the Princess to enter the labour market and run her own business,” Varpe continues.

Following this decision, the princess has not received an apanage, and to a much lesser extent than previously, assumed official duties on behalf of the Norwegian Royal House.

“The decisions regarding her business activities are made by the Princess herself,” Varpe emphasises.

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