Princess Märtha Louise wants better traffic safety for horses

Princess Märtha Louise.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Horse traffic rules have not been updated for many decades, says Princess Märtha Louise, who is fronting a new campaign on horses in traffic.

Today there are six times as many horses in the country as there were in the ’50s. The new nationwide campaign “Horse in Traffic” (Hest i Traffiken) will make the meeting between animals, vehicles and people safer.

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“I myself experienced cars at full speed pass me with horses out in traffic. This action is super important to stand up for,” says Märtha Louise to Nationen.

She believes it is problematic that both the traffic situation and the number of horses in densely populated areas have increased while the traffic rules for horses have not been updated.

The campaign’s project manager Hallvard Krislok, emphasises that there are about 120,000 horses in Norway today, while there were only 20,000 horses in Norway when the traffic rules were prepared in the 1950s.

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