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The private school of the princess does not teach nynorsk

Princess Ingrid Alexandra Princess Ingrid Alexandra.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix


The private Schools Oslo International School in Bærum, where Princess Ingrid Alexandra is a student, does not teach nynorsk( one of the two official forms of Norwegian).
The leader of  Noregs Mållag( Norway’s language union for nynorsk), Marit Tenno, believes the princess as a consequence of this will have inadequate Norwegian language skills, the newspaper VG reports.
 It is unfortunate symbolically that the heir is exempt from learning  nynorsk. The students, who attend  a type of elite school, only get taught one of the two official forms of Norwegian , giving them insufficient  skills in Norwegian,  Tenno says.
English is the primary language of the school, and Norwegian is defined as a foreign language, according to the principal at Oslo International School Janecke Aarnæs. The School should not be compared with public schools in Norway, she says.
– No, we do not teach more than one of the two official forms of Norwegian. We are  exempt from this. Because we are located in eastern Norway, it is natural that bokmål( the other official form of Norwegian) should be the form of Norwegian taught here. For most of our students, Norwegian is not their main language, so it goes without saying that proficiency in both of the forms of Norwegian will not be very relevant to most of them,  Aarnæs says.
Communications Manager Marianne Hagen at the Royal Palace says that the Crown Prince couple makes sure that Ingrid Alexandra receives the necessary training in nynorsk.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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