Prison in such a bad condition that parts is closed

Bergen Bjørgvin Prison Statsbygg murderBjørgvin Prison Photo: Statsbygg

Bjørgvin prison in such a bad condition that parts must be closed

The backlog of maintenance means that parts of the buildings at Bjørgvin prison in Bergen is in such poor condition that they must be closed off.


The prison was built 54 years ago as an institution for mentally disabled people. In 2006, it was turned into prison, and eleven years later, the temporary solution has become 90 permanent cells.

Despite new tasks and new life, it has been little maintenance of the buildings, writes Bergens Tidende.

The problem is that there have been no real investments in the building, apart from the youth department, which was rehabilitated in 2014. We are experiencing water leaks, windows that fall out and moss growing on ceilings and walls, says the Prison Director, Ørjan Fond. In a basement there is a planke bridge to be able to stay dry when the water rises indoors. Parts of a building are closed of because of its poor condition.

Funding required

The employees are impatient, and the indoor climate is bad for the health.

Headaches, itchy eyes and respiratory problems is what we often are told about, says deputy Henrik Seland in Correctional Work Association.

We are well acquainted with the shortcomings in Bjørgvin prison. A major rehabilitation requires the provision of centralized funds. All parties are interested in improving the situation, says acting regional director Karina Hoff in the Criminal Care.


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