Pro and anti-Turkish protesters rampage together in Oslo – police used tear gas

Oslo.Karls Johans gt. Photo: Lars Bryhn Nyland / NTB scanpix

After a chaotic Saturday afternoon with clashes between pro and anti-Turkish protesters, the police used tear gas to gain control of the situation.

In total, seven people were taken into police custody or arrested in connection with the unrest. Two people were taken to the emergency room for check.

Police used tear gas on one occasion to check on protesters who had entered a store to fight.

Protesters rampage together
The noise began at 15 o’clock Saturday afternoon. In connection with the start of anti-Turkish demonstrations at the Embassy of Turkey, a battle ensued between pro-Kurdish and pro-Turkish protesters, who had recently completed a march at the embassy at Frogner in Oslo.

According to the police, weapons were used and struck against vehicles. Two people were injured and transported to an emergency room, and two people were taken into custody in connection with the fighting, which occurred in advance of the counter-demonstration in support of the Kurds.

Facing the NTB on Saturday afternoon, police described the brawl as warlike conditions.

There was a large police raid with forces from the police preparedness squad, and aggressive atmosphere with the introduction of smaller fighting battles at the embassy.

Control at 16 o’clock
After a while, the anti-Turkish protesters at Solli Square moved down to the Turkish embassy. Several nearby streets were closed during the demonstration.

At 16.15 on Saturday afternoon, the police stated that they had control of the place.

– We have control, but there are still irritable and around 750 demonstrations on site. We are there with sufficient crew. We are aware that there may be several new events in connection with the demonstrations being held, operations manager Gjermund Stokkli told NTB.

According to the chief of operations, the police had used very ordinary police methods to gain control of the site, and not pepper spray or gas.

Fighting match in store
Then the anti-Turkish protesters moved down towards Karl Johans gate in the direction of Hausmansgate.On the way there was a fight at 17.20 inside a store.

Operations manager Stokkli tells NTB that protesters suddenly broke out of the demonstration train and stormed into the Body Shop.

– There was a fight between several people inside the store. Some damage was done, and in addition a powder device was released, says the operations manager.

The police used tear gas to control the situation. Three people were arrested.

Demonstration against Turkish attacks
By 6.30pm Saturday night the demonstrations had ended.

Following Turkey’s military offensive against the Kurdish militia in Syria, Kurds in Norway have also organized several demonstrations, including at Oslo Airport and at Oslo Central Station. The demonstrations have so far been quite peaceful.

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  1. It is very obvious.
    It was a conspiracy planned by the Turkish embassy in Oslo to show the people how violate are the Kurd to the peace.
    The Turkish embassy has sent some Turk to evoke (swearing and cursing the Kurd). The Turkish ambassador called the police telling them that the Kurdish people are attacking some innocent Turk. That was what happened and it was a conspiracy.

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