Professor: – Unlikely to be this hot without climate change

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Record Temperatures in Southern Norway would hardly have been as high as today without global warming, according to climate researcher Tore Furevik.

Unusually warm weather and water with hot temperatures has affected many parts of the country in recent days.

In Stavanger thermometer showed 27.3 degrees on Tuesday, which has never happened before in September. A number of other places in Southern Norway has set new temperature records.

Although it happened to have warm autumn in the old days too but Furevik believes there is a connection between the new records and changes in climate.

– It is very unlikely that we would get such hot days without global warming, says Furevik, a professor at the university of Bergen and director of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

He stressed that it is not impossible that the thermometer in Stavanger would have reached 27.3 degrees this month also in a “normal” climate, but there would be extremely unlikely.

– We’ve got a tremendous increase in the number of heat waves in the summer in Europe and other parts of the world, says Furevik to news agency NTB.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today