Progress Party calls for mandatory coronavirus testing at airports in Norway

Coronavirus airport testingPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

The leader of the Progress Party (FRP), Siv Jensen, thinks it is startling that testing for COVID-19 on arrival in Norway is still voluntary.

“The intrusive measures we have introduced, and which we now get more of, have major consequences. 

“They affect people, they affect jobs, and they affect companies. With that, I think it is entirely appropriate to get more control over this through a mandatory testing regime,” Jensen told news bureau NTB.

She reacted strongly to the fact that Norway is now tightening its infection control rules while at the same time carrying out only voluntary testing at airports.

A large part of the recent infection boom is due to imported infection cases, Jensen pointed out.

Several weeks ago, the FRP put forward a proposal in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) to introduce mandatory testing for COVID-19 for people who come to Norway from abroad. 

The proposal is still being considered.

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