Progress Party wants to make it easier to construct new homes and buildings in Norway

ConstructionPhoto: Tore Meek / NTB

The Progress Party (FRP) wants to remove the County Governor’s and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s right of objection in land matters in order to make it easier for people to build new homes, commercial buildings, cabins, and ski resorts in Norway. 

 “This is about removing bad and expensive bureaucratic solutions that hamper value creation in the municipalities,” the Progress Party’s municipal policy spokesperson Helge André Njåstad told news bureau NTB.

A main point in the proposal, which will be presented at the Norwegian parliament (Storting) on Wednesday, is that local politicians must be able to decide how the municipalities’ areas are to be managed.

“This includes policies related to the beach zone, wind farms, sea area management, and protected areas,” the FRP noted.

Construction and housing strategy

The proposal is part of a comprehensive construction and housing policy for the business community. 

Facilitating increased housing construction, business development, and growth are among the goals of the strategy. 

Njåstad noted that he has grown tired of good ideas from business, private individuals, and skilled local politicians being overruled by the County Governor or the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

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