Progress Party wants to prioritize Christian quota refugees coming to Norway

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The Progress Party’s (FRP) immigration and integration committee wants persecuted Christians to be given priority among quota refugees. Committee leader Sylvi Listhaug expects support from the Christian Democrats (KRF).

“When we have full control of the borders, we will help receive a limited number of quota refugees, and we want to prioritize persecuted Christians. 

“That is a group that is not talked about much, but they are many and have very difficult lives. We should take the lead and show that we want to take responsibility for helping them,” Sylvi Listhaug told newspaper Dagen.

For the past two years, the party’s immigration and integration committee has been working on what they call a “new asylum model” for Norway. 

First in line

The committee now proposes that persecuted Christians should be first in line when quota refugees are selected.

Listhaug pointed out that Norway has been a Christian country for a long time and believes it is natural to stand up for Christian refugees.

She also says that she expects full support from the KRF.

The KRF, for its part, denied that it would support the proposal.

“We want to show charity to all groups and do not want to prioritize individual groups,” KRF’s immigration policy spokesman Per Sverre Kvinlaug said.

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