Property tax increase in Stavanger with Frp

Townhouse in Old Stavanger Property Tax

Property tax increase in Stavanger with the Progress Party

The property tax in Stavanger has increased after the Progress Party (Frp) joined the bourgeois majority of the City Council in 2015.

The real estate tax for a run-of-the-mill (120 square meters) detached house increased by 12.6 per cent in Stavanger from 2015 to 2017, according to figures from Kosta. Rogalands Avis writes this.

Leader of Stavanger Frp, Kristoffer Sivertsen, explains that the change is due to a reapportion. He maintains that the Progress Party helped prevent the Stavanger City Council’s proposal for a larger tax increase.

“There has been a reduction in property tax of 9.5 million from last year to this year, next year it will be reduced by another 13 million,” Sivertsen explains.



Wants to bid the property tax farewell

Sivertsen says that the Progress party wants to bid a farewell to property tax in Stavanger altogether, but admits that the city is currently dependent on the tax, as the budget is set up.

The influence of the Progress Party after the municipal election will likely diminish severely. This as they seem to lose droves of voters to the FNB (Anti-Road Tolls Party).

The National Federation of Homeowners is surprised that a municipality, which has around 120 per cent of the national average in tax revenues, must resort to property tax at all.

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