Proposal to ban child marriages in Norway


– We want to send a clear message, nationally as well as internationally, that we do not accept people under the age of 18 years getting married in Norway, says Minister of Children and Equality, Linda Hofstad Helleland. The Norwegian Government recently proposed to introduce an absolute minimum marriage age of 18 years.


The marriage age in Norway today is 18 years, but persons between the age of 16 and 18 are eligible to apply to the county governor for permission to marry. Lately very few permissions have been given. The Norwegian Government has now proposed to repeal this possibility to get permission to marry, thereby introducing an absolute minimum marriage age of 18 years.

In 2012, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported that almost 400 million women between 20 and 49 years of age around the world had been married or had entered into a union before reaching 18 years of age. Data recently published by UNICEF shows a drop in the global number of child marriages. However, there is still a long way to go before the practice of child marriage is ended.

The Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has pointed out, that particular attention must be had to cases in which girls have been married against their full, free and informed consent, such as when they have been married too young to be physically and psychologically ready for adult life or to make conscious and informed decisions and thus not ready to consent to marriage.

– A child marriage may harm a child’s rights to health, education, equality and a life free from violence and exploitation. A marriage should always be based on full, free and informed consent, says Helleland.

Initiatives from organizations such as CARE and Plan International are important to raise awareness about the issue of child marriage.

The proposal will be considered by the Parliament (Stortinget) at the end of May.


Source: / Norway Today


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  1. Pedro J. Alfonso | 28. April 2018 at 07:16 |

    I have raised cattle for many years. As a hobby I fall in love with my animals and can’t sell them for the slaughter. They are all buried at my farm! I have helped many cows during their calving.

    The biggest problem with child marriages is childbirth. Great complication are naturally found in giving birth to a child, but specially so when the mother has not developed the hips for it and the body size!

    Many times too the age of the mother affects the normal size of the baby!

    My mother was a virgin when she married my father at 22. How do I know? I knew my grandfather, extremely jealous of His only daughter and a military Commissioned Officer in the Cuban Calvary with a horrendous temper though his soldiers love Him dearly! And of course the sanctity of my mother and her passion for study…here then lies the dilema.

    Western society STINKS in as far as rearing a young woman to stay a virgin until she is old enough to carry a child. And to be frank 18 years old is still too Young. My daughter will be 19 in June and she still has some developing of hips and body size to go! That of course does not mean she can not have a child and many times at that age a woman is ready to give birth to a young one!

    And as well a virgin is the ideal to bring forth a “Special Kind of Child”! Ah You say but look at Salomon for all practical purposes a ‘BASTARD” had a father King David who murdered the husband of his mother to marry her after wards, and was the wisest of them all.

    Yes he was a wise man and badly did he sinned against God with the idol worshiping of the Gods of all His women? What a King could he have been if His mother was a virgin when she married Kind David?

    A Young woman by natural genetics has her first period from 10 to 11 years old, some later some younger. Breasts begin to develop quickly usually starting a 12 by 13 or 14 they have grown to about nearly their normal size before getting pregnant when they fill for nursing the child

    If there is an underlining message to me about this post I will give You an answer!
    First the power to be able to afford a child and secondly a husband which is old enough to teach the right path for the Young woman and the baby coming!!

    Now when love is truly involved and the young bride not made to marry against her will? Who can say an adolescent for 12 to 20 usually considered as such has not the right to make their own decision? When the proper education, with the knowledge of the danger about early pregnancy and the economic income of parents to be able to give the child the proper care are a factual reality?

    I’d say You best clean YOUR ACT AND STOP ALL THE PORNOGRAPHY and the culture of sex before you star dictating the age two individuals that love each other decide to marry. Now if You are just wanting to be HYPOCRITES well who can argue with YOU?
    But go ahead you have every-right to pass the law in Your country as you wish and as well take to the consequences, and in this particular case I say ” Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof” And that My beloved Norwegians apparently is on the Works right now due to Your pusillanimous attitude!

    I was not going to write anymore notes, but I supposed you wanted an answer so You go one!.In my case I do not need to marry a Norwegian young virgin under 18…so go right head with Your law and we will see what happens afterwards.

    If I sound a little ticked off? I usually get a bit undone when my good nature has been taken advantage of and I have been made a full of!

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