Proposal to ban machetes has been sent for consultation

machetesIllustration. Machetes.Photo. Pixabay

The Ministry of Justice is considering changes to the weapons regulations so that owning and buying machete or long blade with a blade length over 25 centimeters is prohibited.

The reason for the proposal is, among other things, that the Oslo police district has stated that it has developed to be a trend, especially within gang environments in Oslo, to be armed with a machete.

Last fall, a House of Representatives proposal was tabled by Labor Representatives Jan Bøhler, Lene Vågslid, Maria Aasen-Svensrud and Jonas Gahr Støre where the government was asked to add machetes in the Weapons Regulations section 9, but the proposal did not get a majority vote in Parliament.

Today it is forbidden to own tasers (electric shock weapons), pepper spray, jack knives, butterfly knives, slingshots, fighting gloves, batons, nunchakus, throwing stars, blowguns and stiletto daggers. The government is now proposing to add machetes to the list of prohibited items in section 9 of the weapons regulations.

The government agreed that they would introduce a machete ban on the Granavolden platform from January.

The deadline for submitting a hearing response is February 21, 2020.

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