Propp Fully Posten

Store Manager Arnt Christoffer Weberg Schjong at SparStore Manager Arnt Christoffer Weberg Schjong at Spar.Photo: Posten

The Post Office now has 300,000 packages waiting to be picked up. It’s full up in-store and the Post Office is asking for people to come and collect their items.

Black Friday and Christmas shopping makes December a busy time for the Post Office. Across the country’s post offices and Post in shops packages are overflowing on their way to you and me.
Until Christmas, the shelves will only fill up more.

– Right now over 300,000 packages are waiting to be collected over the country. There are many more than usual. Come and get, encourages press officer John Eckhoff of Norway Post.

The vast majority awaiting a package downloaded Posten sporingsapp and can follow the package until it is delivered. Then you can also get an alert if you are near the shop where the package is located, which can be useful in hectic pre-Christmas.

Norway Post has increased the storage capacity of many in-store by adding hundreds of additional shelves in stores. Yet it is still cramped.

Store Manager Arnt Christoffer Weberg Schjong in Sundvollen in-store asks customers to collect their parcels as soon as they have received the notice.

– Remember to bring the poll code or patch. When packets are retrieved quickly, we have more space. It thus becomes easier to find packages and service and efficiency improves, says the store manager.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today