Prosecutor: – The case has affected the entire city

Court, acquitted of gang rape raping double murdee Court .Photo

Prosecutor: – The case has affected the entire city of Kristiansand

In the opening lecture in Kristiansand district court, Prosecutor Jan Tallaksen mentions the double murder case as something that has affected the entire city.


– This is a very serious, not to mention sad case, says prosecutor Jan Tallaksen in his opening presentation in Kristiansand District Court Monday.

Then the accused 16-year-old already admitted guilt for one or both of the charges he stands accused of. Together with defender Svein Kjetil Stallemo and his guardian, the 16-years-old sits silently listening while the prosecutor speaks.

– I think these murders affected the whole city, the prosecutor says.

Tallaksen then went back to the events on December 5, 2016. It emerges that the defendant has been questioned four times, and that he admitted guilt during interrogations on February 9.


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