Procecutor disbelieves mother in the Valdres case

Beitostølen valdres casePolice technicians work in the cabin at Beitostølen, where a 13-years-old girl was found dead. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Prosecutor disbelieves mother in the Valdres case

“We have not experienced that she has responded very believably to many of the things that have accused her of,” the prosecutor in the Valdres case states after the examination.


In the appeal case in Eidsivating Court of Appeal on Wednesday, the mother answered for the first time direct questions about what happened when her daughter Angelica died in a cabin in Valdres.

According to her mother’s explanation of what occurred on New Year’s Eve 2015, her daughter chocked on juice as the accused was preparing vegetables for dinner.

Called the emergency number immediately

“She didn’t get it up. And then I remember nothing more until I called,” the accused mother explains from the witness box.

“I know I called 113 [emergency number] straight away and just asked for help and guidance. It feels like I waited for hours,” the mother continues.

The Prosecutor, Senior State Attorney Arne, Ingvald Dymbe, points out that experts estimate the time of the girl’s death to be six to twelve hours prior to the response from the health personnel.

“That is impossible. Then I would have called earlier. What kind of human would … Unimaginable. They must know when it happened, because I called immediately,” the upset mother retorts.

The mother possessed the pin code

Prior to the conversation with the Emergency Services (AMK), there is a text message exchange between the phones of the mother and the daughter. The prosecutor believes this happened at a time when the daughter may already have been dead.

“Is it written by Angelica?” he asks.

“Yes, of course,” the mother answers.

“But you knew the code of Angelica’s phone?” the prosecutor presses on.

“Yes. I don’t remember it now, but she had my code, and I had her code,” the mother confesses.

Can’t recall messages

The mother is questioned about other text messages as well. Among other things, she sends the following text to her daughter on December 26th, 2015 – five days before the girl was found dead: «Aren’t you scared and sorry about how reduced you are? You who just a few months ago ran so fast. Now you can’t even get up alone.» She also writes the following: «If you are not dead tomorrow, you will end up in hospital.»

I do not remember these messages, the mother replies, sticking to her story of not knowing that her daughter was in danger of dying. she explains that her daughter was in good general health during their stay at the cabin.

The importance of the defendant given this opportunity to respond to what the prosecuting authority believes is evidence that counts against her – is emphasised by the prosecutor.

“We have not experienced that she has responded very believably to many of the things that she is accused of. Things written directly in texts are explained by the fact that it is fictitious,” Dymbe asserts.

Not before Monday

Angelica Heggelund (13) was found dead in a cabin in Valdres on New Year’s Eve 2015. The autopsy revealed that she died of emaciation – possibly in combination with cooling of the body. The mother is indicted for gross abuse with ensuing death. The case came up before the Valdres District Court at Gjøvik – in April 2017. The woman was then sentenced to prison for three years.

Thursday and Friday this week, the court will hear personnel from the emergency services witnessing what met them when they moved out to the cabin. Pictures taken at the scene will, among other things, be presented to the court.

The accused woman does not wish to be present in court during those two days – but will be back in court on Monday.

“She can’t bear to be present. She’s terribly tired. She wants to go home, and her doctor agrees with that assessment,” Defence Lawyer, Ann-Turid Bugge, informs after her client was through in the witness box.

There is set aside three weeks for the proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

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