Protest against Dag Rønning as leader for Sp

Dag Rønning County Governor Hedmark #MeeTooDag Rønning, former County Governor in Hedmark. Photo: Hedmark Fylke

Protest against Dag Rønning as leader for Sp in Hedmark

Several local groups in the Centre party protest against that Dag Rønning has been elected as the group leader for the Centre Party (Sp) in the County Council in Hedmark.


The reason for the uproar is that, in January of this year, Rønning resigned as County Governor in Hedmark after several episodes involving inappropriate sexual behaviour towards young girls were confirmed, writes Nationen.

The local groups in Hamar, Ringsaker, Løten og Stange all denounce the election. They have issued a statement to Hamar Arbeiderblad.

– The local party groups in the Centre Party on Hedmark, ie Løten, Stange, Ringsaker and Hamar, do not support the election of the group leader for the County Council. We do not know the details of the sexual harassment cases, therefore the county’s central  party group ought to comment on it, but they still reject to go for that option. Beyond that, we do not wish to comment on the matter but want to continue to lobby internally, the statement says, which is penned by the leader of the Centre Party in Løten, Marthe Tønseth.

No Problem, says current County Governor

Arnfinn Nergård (Sp), who took over the job as County Governor after Rønning stepped down, tells Hamar Arbeiderblad that it should be alright to choose Rønning as the group leader and that they have considered the matter carefully.

Neither Nationen nor Hamar Arbeiderblad has succeeded in getting any comment from Rønning regarding the conflict.

Dag Rønning resigned after notifications of improper conduct by him in his capacity as County Governor. The first notification was made in 2015. The latest incident was revealed in 2018 and is related to an incident that occurred some time back in time.

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