Proven corona infection in over half of the nursing homes in Oslo

Senior Woman in a Nursing HomeSenior Woman in a Nursing Home.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

Employees at 26 out of 46 nursing homes in Oslo municipality have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Seven residents have died.

Oslo Municipality has tested 490 out of 3,600 long-term residents, and of these 45 have been diagnosed with infection, writes TV 2.

The municipality has for several weeks had a visiting ban on their nursing homes, and almost all the spread of infection can therefore be traced to the staff and residents. The municipality has decided that essentially no employees will work at several institutions at the same time.

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  1. How could the infection have gotten into the nursing homes to kill the residents?

    Have staff – upon whom the residents are completely dependent – been wearing masks and gloves to prevent this … to protect them?

    Social distancing alone – if it is being practiced – is not enough.

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