PST expelling a Pole suspected of terrorism

PST Chief Benedicte BjørnlandOslo, PST Chief Benedicte Bjørnland. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The Police Security Service   last year expelled a Polish man (23)who  they believe may have had the intention to commit a terrorist act in Norway.

The newspaperVG interviewed the expelled Polish citizen last October.

– I went to Syria to learn about the Muslim, said the accused 23-year-old said.

However, PST believed  that Polack was fighting with IS in Syria. In September, beacuse  the authorities considered the possibility  of the 23-year-evading any expulsion order being large, he was arrested by Romerike Police and placed on the Police Immigration Detention Centre on Trandum. The man was sent away from Norway in November.

To VG the man says that he converted to Islam in 2008, after having become acquainted with some Muslims on the Norwegian courses. In March 2014, he went to Syria, where he, according to PST, joined IS and fought with them for about 15 months.

PST Chief Benedicte Bjørnland will not say anything about what kind of attack  he was involved in.

– No, but we had a concern in the early phase. The person was arrested and eventually deported by immigration authorities, she says to NRK.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today