PST fear terrorist attack in Norway this year

Head of PST Benedicte Bjønland terrorist attackHead of PST, Benedicte Bjønland, Photo: PST

PST fearful of  terrorist attack in Norway this year

The Police Security Service (PST) believes there is reason to expect a terrorist attack in Norway this year.

Since the beginning of April, PST has considered it likely that a terrorist attack may be attempted in Norway. Following the terrorist attack in Barcelona on Thursday, PST Communications Director, Trond Hugubakken, says the following to Dagbladet:

– There is reason to expect terrorist attacks in Norway this year.

– It’s too early to say anything about how the terrorist attacks in Barcelona will affect Norway. But we are not surprised that there was a new terrorist attack in Europe. Nor is it surprising how it happened, he expands.

Hugubakken emphasizes that there is very little probability of personally being affected by a terrorist attack.

On Friday, PST senior adviser Siv Alsén told NTB that the situation was being closely followed, but that the threat level assessment in Norway had not changed after the terrorist attack in Barcelona.


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