PST fears terrorist attacks against mosques

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) believes that terrorist attacks could be attempted in Norway by 2020. The number of people in Norway expressing support for right-wing terrorist attacks has increased, according to a new update on Thursday from the PST.

“The threat from the right-wing extremists in Norway developed in a negative direction during 2019. The PST considers it possible that a right-wing terror attack in Norway will be attempted in 2020,” it says.

Firearms, improvised explosives and vehicles are the most likely means to be used in the event of an attack.

Security guards introduced in mosque
The PST believes that any terrorist attack in Norway is likely to be directed at gathering places for Muslims or non-Western immigrants.

“The goal of such an act of terrorism will be to kill and harm as many people as possible,” it says.

Bergen mosque introduces security during Friday prayers after the new terror assessment, according to Bergens Tidende.

“During the Friday prayer we will have a couple of security guards that can keep watch outside the mosque. The board will meet to discuss further measures,” says chairman Badreddine Maizi at the mosque.

On a regular Friday prayer, up to 700 Muslims come to the mosque in Bergen, according to Maizi.

“If there is an armed attack, there is little that unarmed guards can do. But they can at least notify,” he says.

Doubling of attacks
PST upgraded the threat assessment for extreme right-wing terror in September. Then they pointed out that the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand on March 15th would inspire more extreme right-wing attacks in the West in the coming year.

In 2018, seven extreme right-wing terrorist attacks were carried out.

So far in 2019, the number has more than doubled to 16 attacks. These attacks have been targeted at non-Western immigrants, Muslims, politicians and Jews.

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