PST:-Krekar’s network seems to be a terrorist organization with a fundamentalist religious views

Mullah KrekarOslo. Mullah Krekar .Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

PST says that according to the Italian investigation Krekar was the initiator of a terrorist network that legitimizes violence against the West.

The extradition case against Mullah Krekar and a 42 year old Iraqi living in Drammen, started in Oslo District Court Thursday.
Italian authorities have requested the extradition of Krekar, the 42-year-old and a third Norwegian citizen.
Police Attorney Signe Kathrine Aalling of PST told the court that the Italian police,  after four years of investigation, are in the possession of a comprehensive material from other countries concerning the network and the case in general.
–  We naturally do not know that much about the parts of the investigation material that doesn’t concern Krekar or the network  , she said.
According to the Italian investigation,  Krekar is to have led a transnational terrorist network called Rawti SHAX with cells in a number of European countries and the Middle East.
– The organization is based on a fundamentalist religious view that legitimizes violent jihad and martyrdom as a tool in the struggle against the West and Western presence in Muslim countries. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the incumbent autonomy in Kurdistan in Iraq,  Aalling said in court.
The government has set aside five days to the case. Oslo District Court will decide whether Norway may extradite the two to Italy, so that they may be prosecuted there.
The two were arrested in a coordinated joint European action on 11 November last year.
The accused will meet in Oslo District Court on Thursday morning, where the PST  request for a extradition to Italy  is to be handled for the next five days. Krekar is charged with terrorist planning  in Italy, and the Italians police believes he is the leader of the Rawti SHAX.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today