PST: Norwegians pressured by Russian intelligence

Police Security Service (PST) in Nydalen in Oslo.Police Security Service (PST) in Nydalen in Oslo.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / SCANPIX

An increasing number of Norwegians who are traveling report that they are experiencing pressure from Russian intelligence, reports PST.

– We are seeing an increase number of reports from both Norwegians and Russians traveling to Russia who are being put in a compromising situation or where attempts are made to force cooperation, says Section Chief Arne Christian Haugstøyl from Police Security Service (PST) to the newspaper VG.

– PST are informed about some of the cases, but we also believe that there are those who are under so much pressure that they don’t report it to PST. The bottom line is that we must assume that the Russians have insiders in Norway, says Haugstøyl.


On Wednesday PST presented its annual threat assessment for 2017 where they reported an increased concern for Russian intelligence in Norway.

They believe one of the biggest threats are people being recruited as moles to pass on sensitive information.

According to VG, Russian intelligence still uses old and well known spy methods.

For example, in the form of a random person coming up to you on the street, putting money in your hand, taking a pictures and using it as leverage.

Also, by placing drugs in the luggage of unsuspecting persons at airports has been mentioned.

PST says that it is especially ethnic Russians who have moved to Norway and have access to sensitive information who are most susceptible to pressure from Russian intelligence.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today