PST web site likely under attack

PST web site, DDoSDDos Attack, Photo: Pixabay

PST web site under fire

The web site of the Police Security Service (PST) has been unavailable since Wednesday afternoon. It is possibly a hacking attempt, PST confirms to TV 2. The PST web site is located externally.

– It’s probably a DDoS attack which brought the web site to its knees, says Communications Director Trond Hugubakken in PST to TV2. According to a whois lookup the ip address seems to be linked to

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service. Such an attack is carried out to prevent anyone or anything to get access to information or resources they can normally access, the TV channel writes. A more comprehensive description of what a DDoS attack entails can be read on wikipedia.

Thursday morning the PST website is still down

– We are in contact with our web host. As of now they do not know whether the attack is directed against us or against another site hosted on the same server, says Hugubakken.


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