Pyromaniac received conditional prison sentence

Stavanger Tingrett Stavanger District Court. Pyromaniac Police Officer defiling Gulating MurdererStavanger District Court. Photo: Norway Today Media

Pyromaniac received conditional prison sentence due to long processing time

A man who was behind a fire in Stavanger in 2013 is sentenced to one year and eight months in prison. However, the sentence was made conditional on account that the police didn’t process the case.


The case against the 22-year-old man went before the Stavanger District Court.

The fire then started the man after a night out in Stavanger in November 2013, lit a  barbecue cover on a terrace, says Stavanger Aftenblad. The terrace was equipped with a superstructure, the fire spread and parts of the terrace started to burn. In the house a man and his daughter were sleeping at the time. The man was awakened by the family’s cat, and managed to rescue both himself and his daughter out of the house.

According to an expert in the fire department, there would be an acute risk of loss of life if the residents had not woken up in time.

The court considers it as a mitigating factor that the accused was the first to alert the fire department about the fire, and that he threw pebbles at the window of the house in an attempt to alert the residents.

The sentence is one year and eight months in prison. it was however made conditional in its entirety because the case has been left unhandled for three years. The verdict strongly criticizes the police for the lack of action.

The defendant must according to the verdict, also pay close to NOK 2 million in compensation.


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