Quarantine is not a punishment – it is a gift

he Minister of Health, Bent HøieThe Minister of Health, Bent Høie.Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB scanpix

Minister of Health Bent Høie believes that quarantining should not be presented as a punishment. At the same time, he emphasizes that one cannot test oneself out of quarantine.

– I think it is a pity that the quarantine is presented as a punishment. For quarantine is not a punishment – it is a gift, says Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) during Tuesday’s Corona press conference, and continues:

By staying at home for ten days, you give a gift to the people around you. You make sure that they do not become infected or end up in quarantine if you should be so unlucky as to be infected.

Høie says that the health service has recently received several inquiries from people who want to be tested for Covid to avoid quarantine.

– But you can not drop the quarantine if you test negative three days after you have returned home from a red country or two days after the party with your friend who was infected. The negative test shows only one thing: That you were not contagious on the day you tested yourself, says the Minister of Health.

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