Queen Sonja celebrates 80 years

art stableKing Harald inspected the construction of Queen Sonja art stable : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Queen Sonja celebrates 80 years with opening her own art stable

There will be another party for Queen Sonja on her big day on Tuesday. Art will, of course, be central.


During the joint anniversary markings in May, both the King and the Queen made a large hue and cry about the fact that celebrating 80 years was quite unreal.

Tuesday, on her actual birthday, Queen Sonja will again be reminded that she must now view herselvf as being a 80-year-old. The day is of course packed with program.

The queen will probably spend a lot of time opening the gift from the King, which is quite simply a gallery – Queen Sonja’s Art Barn.

Old Stables

The stables was built between 1845 and 1848 and extended by King Haakon and Queen Maud in 1911. The center could accommodate up to 40 horses, but the last horses disappeared from the royal stables shortly after the war broke out in 1940.

Queen Sonja will herself lead the work surrounding the development of the art gallery, which becomes part of the open business linked to the Royal Palace. The art gallery will have three seasons, in which spring will be devoted to contemporary art. In the summer season the exhibition will be linked to the permanent exhibition at the Palace, and by the end of the year Christmas will be marked.

The exhibition, which opens Tuesday, has two main elements: Norwegian graphics and Queen Maud’s photographs. Over 160 Norwegian artists on the occasion of 80th anniversary donated a graphical works each.

Gift from DNT

The Queen is also well-known for her great dedication to outdoor activities and walking and will unveil a gift from Den Norske Turforening (The Norwegian Walking Association).

In addition, there will be a picnic in the Queen’s Park for invited guests. That same evening there will be a common celebration of the royal couple with family and friends at the Bygdøy Royal Farm.

Celebrations in May

The Royal Family has been celebrated earlier this year, with folk festival in the Royal Park on May 9 and subsequent gala dinner at the Royal Palace with celebrities from home and abroad.

May 10, the Government invited the Royal Couple to a gala dinner in the opera, which was the Government’s gift in the occasion of the 80th anniversary. But Tuesday is the actual birthday for the Queen.

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