More questions than answers when Trump takes over

Donald Trump, left, and his wife Melania TrumpDonald Trump, left, and his wife Melania Trump.Photo. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Scrapped health reform? Will there be a trade war with China? Will the US let NATO go for liquor and cold water? Much is unclear for when Donald Trump becomes the 4th President of the USA.

Trumps mental incapacity and uncertainty about what the new president will choose to emphasize, is the dominant feeling for political scientist Are Tågvold Flaten.

– It leaves me with more questions than answers, he said.
Flaten, who runs the website, launched the book “The circus: Clinton, Trump and all-time campaigning.” on Thursday.

– The question is what he will prioritize. I think it is primarily on the domestic policy he must present himself and to produce concrete results. “The forgotten voters that have now been heard” in the rust belt care more about tangible things at home than what is happening abroad, says Flaten to news agency NTB.

Trump has adopted Ronald Reagan’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” He has promised to surpass everything and everyone when it comes to creating jobs, and to protect American industry far better against competition from low cost countries.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today