Queues and delays in Eastern Norway

car queue ferryNorwegians are accustomed to car queues. Car queue at Mengshoel ferry terminal at Nes in Ringsaker. Mjøsfergen between Mengshoel and Gjøvik. Photo: Digitalt Museum / HS-01052

Long queues and delays in Eastern Norway

“Many are on their way home from their cabins after the long weekend. This leads to long queues and major delays in several places in Eastern Norway,” the Norwegian Roads Traffic Central states.

In Telemark, the queues at E18 start at the exit to Kragerø towards Oslo. There have been long queues here for several hours already.

“Traffic is stable and it may be a little less delay than before. But there are still long queues,” Traffic Operator in the Roads Traffic Central South, Kristin Våsjø, tells NTB at 6 pm.

Alternative detour is marked from Gjerdemyra via Straume.

“There are no reports of queues on the bypass,” Våsjø adds.

Several accidents in Vestfold

There are long queues in Vestfold too. These have occurred as a result of several traffic accidents in the region.

In the Løken Tunnel at Holmestrand, there was for a time a complete halt with a closed road, as a result of a car crashing into another. One of the cars caught on fire, but firefighters have now extinguished it.

The road is reopened for traffic in the direction of Oslo, but there is reduced speed on the stretch.

The queues that arose as a result of this, led to another traffic accident. This happened near the Iceland junction. Four vehicles were involved. Nobody was, however, injured in the incident.



Queues into the evening

The cars involved in the accidents had to be salvaged. This work is completed and the road opened for normal traffic.

Våsjø assumes that the queues will persist for a while yet.

“It’s hard to say exactly how long the queues will last,” she concludes.

The police encourage travellers to go for alternative roads to Oslo – if possible. County road 313 is a proposed detour in Vestfold.

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