Railroad stretches closed for up to 48 hours this week-end

RailwayIllustrasjon.Railway. Photo: Norway Today Media

April 22nd and 23rd Bane NOR will perform different types of work on several train lines.

The following stretches are affected:

On Vestfoldbanen

The stretch from Drammen to Larvik is closed for 48 hours from Saturday at 02 am until Monday at 02 am. Trains that are cancelled will be replaced by bus.

Old construction sites between Holm and Nykirke must be cleared. On the stretch from Holm to Skoppum, the signal systems will be tested, and between Barkåker and Stokke it regards vegetation cleaning and technical maintenance of equipment associated with the track, Bane-NOR states.

In addition, the road safety installation in Tønsberg will be exchanged. This means that the railroad crossing will be completely or partially closed during periods to the week-end. It has also been sent out warning about this to neighbours due to noise from the work.

In Sandefjord, the sleepers on the Modalen Bridge will be replaced. At the same time, rails and ledges will be exchanged.

At Lauve in Larvik, a workforce will drill and cast foundations for a new overhead lines post.

– This will be the busiest work weekend we will have on the Vestfold track this year, according to Communications Manager Bane-NOR, Kjell Bakken.


Work on new overhead lines between Moi and Egersund continues. The stretch is therefore closed for trains for 21 hours from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.

NSB states that the train offer is reduced, and asks travellers to check their stretch on their website.

At Nærbø station in Hå municipality, a rail switch must be exchanged.

This work takes 35 hours from night to Saturday to Sunday afternoon, Bane-NOR reports.


Source: nrk.no / Norway Today