Rain after the cannon weekend

Rainfall Rain BergenRain. Photo: pixabay.com

After a wonderful weekend in large parts of the country, there is still people who are craving sun, however they are likely to face lower temperatures and some rain this week.

– My main conclusion of the week is that there will be unstable weather systems in most places. There will be both periods of rain showers, possibly thunder showers as well, it will be partly sunny, said duty meteorologist Marit Helene Jensen at the Meteorological Department said.

Basically looking at Wednesday and Friday it appears to be particularly wet in many places, but the forecasts can change dramatically from day to day. Therefore take weather reports posted on Yr.no with a pinch of salt is the meteorologist’s advice.

– Although it currently looks like Thursday is fine in many places, it is not certain that it looks like this tomorrow. It is difficult to predict summer systems. The big picture is that it becomes unstable and a bit cooler. It applies to the entire country, says Jensen.

Worst in west
Especially from Kristiansand in the south and up along the western coast, it appears that there will be overcast weather the next few days. They are likely to get showers every day of the week and throughout the coming weekend as well.

– Western Norway is not as unstable as in the rest of the country, but mostly rain showers, and not so much sun, says the weatherman.

In Trøndelag it will become more clear, but long-term forecasts for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute suggest showers both Saturday and Sunday. Tromso seems to get some partial clearing, but not too much sun for the next few days. There is likely to be slightly cooler weather with rain and risk of local thunderstorms as well.

Do not give up hope

Osloområdet get perhaps the best weather this week, with the possibility of some rain on Friday in the forecast so far. Otherwise the weather is expected to include temperatures well over 20 degrees with some clear and partly sunny skies.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today