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Eastern Norway can expect heavy rainfall

Heavy rain rainfallHeavy rain. Photo:

Eastern Norway can expect heavy rainfall

A strong, and very wet low pressure zone is heading for southern Norway, and can lead to a full day of heavy rainfall in eastern Norway on Wednesday.


‘This has been shown in the last two forecasts. There are still some days to go, but it’ll definitely create problems if the low pressure hits the way it now looks,’ said Rober Teigen, Meteorologist at StormGeo, to VG newspaper.

It looks as if it’ll begin on Tuesday night, into Wednesday, and it’ll rain most of the day.

Westernmost parts with the most rain

‘The areas that are most used to rain are the westernmost parts of Eastern Norway, i.e. Hallingdal-Numedal. Here, there can be as much as 60 millimetres of local precipitation in 24 hours, which is very heavy for June’, said Teigen.

He believes it could create flooding in several watercourses, where there is indication of a monthly rainfall of 50-80 millimetres.

By way of contrast, northern Norway seems finally to have transitioned to summer, as temperatures continue to rise.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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